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Tummy Tuck: Before and After Photos

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 23, 2009 - 04:52.

Roni had a tummy tuck three years ago soon after her baby was born. These are two of the 'before' pics. She's taken a lot of before and after photos. She's very happy with the results and she doesn't seem to mind the very visible scar - it's a worthwhile trade-off for her.

See her flankpasty before and after photos. (Start from the bottom of the page, rather than the top).

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Why is it Called 'Plastic' Surgery?

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 22, 2009 - 11:39.

Why do we call it 'plastic' surgery? In the video below, Marina explains that the plastic in plastic surgery comes from the Greek word 'plastikos' which means 'able to be molded'.

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The Best Makeover Sites

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 11, 2009 - 22:12.

There are a lot of good sites about cosmetic makeovers and plastic surgery makeovers. Our personal three favorites are Before and After TV, In Your Face and Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery.

We are friends and business partners with Before and After TV. They live in the same city as us (Vancouver) and create some of the best makeup tutorials you can find on YouTube. Their cosmetic makeovers cover not just how to put on makeup like a celebrity, but also before and after botox.

We also really like In Your Face. This site has good ethical standards and also very high quality pics of celebrities before and after their plastic surgery makeovers. They encourage reader participation and have a live question and answer hour every Wednesday when you can ask your question in real time, and discuss your concerns with some of the best plastic surgeons in Los Angeles.

Our other favorite is Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Youn is a plastic surgeon who worked in Beverly Hills for a few years and was very involved with the whole celebrity surgery clique but has now moved and is now one of the best plastic surgeons in Detroit.

We would really like to meet with Colin Stewart (publisher of In Your Face) and with Dr. Youn (publisher of Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery). If either of you are ever in Vancouver, please call us and we will give you a personalized tour of the city plus really enjoy talking to you!

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Face Transplant Pictures

Submitted by Adriana Rae on May 6, 2009 - 07:42.

Connie Culp was shot in the face five years ago and the blast left a ghastly hole in the middle of her face. She endured 30 operations to try to fix her face.

Five months ago she received a face transplant, a new face from a dead woman. Culp's identity was secret until yesterday. See her story and the before and after transplant photos at The New York Times today.

The photo shown here is Grief via Flickr.

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The Plastic Surgery Channel on YouTube

Submitted by Meg Wilson on May 1, 2009 - 09:09.

The Plastic Surgery Channel claims to be the world’s first television network devoted exclusively to educational and entertaining programming about cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Their goal is to provide credible, up-to-date information to people considering plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure, as well as coverage of the latest news and hot topics from the field of plastic surgery. Here's one of their first 25 videos available on their YouTube channel.

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Cellulite Treatment is Not Worth It

Submitted by Meg Wilson on April 24, 2009 - 06:44. is a website that's attracting a lot of feedback from real people about the results of their cosmetic procedures. And from the comments it's evident that the three procedures that show the least satisfaction are cellulite treatments, lipodissolve and thermage.

If you're considering getting some kind of cosmetic surgery done, it's very worthwhile to go check out what other people are saying about it. Here's the summary of their consumer reviews;

Real people sharing: Was it worth it?

% of Consumer reviews saying "Yes":

* 89% Latisse
* 88% Facelift
* 87% Tummy tuck
* 81% Lasik
* 80% Blepharoplasty
* 80% Breast implants
* 79% Invisalign
* 76% Smart Lipo
* 75% Laser hair removal
* 74% Rhinoplasty
* 74% Accutane
* 73% Botox
* 72% Liposuction
* 67% Chemical peel
* 63% Microdermabrasion
* 63% Restylane
* 63% Juvederm
* 62% Lip augmentation
* 55% Fraxel Laser
* 48% IPL
* 44% Teeth whitening
* 37% Thermage
* 32% Lipodissolve
* 28% Cellulite treatment

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Plastic Surgery as an Art Form?

Submitted by Meg Wilson on April 19, 2009 - 21:36.

There's an art gallery in New York that is currently exhibiting "I am Art". This is an exhibition about the art of plastic surgery and shows before and after photos and videos of people who've had plastic surgery. The aim is to show the surgeon as an artist working with a human canvas.

The exhibit is on at apexart through May 9th.

From their overview;

plastic surgery can be a most challenging art form, since a surgeon’s materials are not canvas or clay, but rather the human body. However, not everything in plastic surgery is necessarily art. Some procedures are rote, technical mechanics, operations that can be taught to almost anyone and, if they are performed as they are taught, the results will always be the same. But those same routine surgeries can also become something that requires a great deal of artistic skill depending on the patient’s need. A facelift is a good example. If one understands the anatomy, performing a facelift is a basic reversal of the process of aging. Over the years, the procedure has changed from simple skin lifting to complex plane lifting techniques, where incisions are made and various degrees of undermining of the skin are performed, resulting in the deeper layers of the face being lifted. While this is a routine surgery and there is nothing particularly creative in the basic process, finding the proper vectors of pull and reestablishing lost volume in the face does elevate it to an art.

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Ask the Plastic Surgeon - Free Chats

Submitted by Meg Wilson on April 19, 2009 - 12:40.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask a plastic surgeon, you can do so every Wednesday at noon (Pacific time).

For the first of these weekly chats, The In Your Face website is featuring a live chat with plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente this Wednesday. Check it out here.

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The 'Locate a Plastic Surgeon' Fiasco

Adriana Rae's picture
Submitted by Adriana Rae on April 6, 2009 - 06:44.

See a story here about Jamil Ezzo, who runs a website at He filed for a federal trademark registration on his business name, "Locate Plastic Surgeon" in order to stop anyone from using the phrase “Locate Plastic Surgeon” on the internet.

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Plastic Surgery Turns Risky for Tameka

Submitted by Meg Wilson on February 9, 2009 - 10:47.

Usher's wife, Tameka Foster is reportedly in Brazil recovering from serious complications from plastic surgery. But the worst is over, Usher's rep confirmed today that she is in stable condition and her husband is there now with her.

Tameka, age 37, has a two month old baby and a 15 month old toddler. It's hard to guess what kind of surgery she was seeking all the way out in Brazil at this time.

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Is Plastic Surgery Becoming Less Taboo?

Submitted by Meg Wilson on February 6, 2009 - 14:19.

In this video, Dabbler asks if plastic surgery is becoming less taboo.

They interview several random people on the streets of Vancouver.

Their informal survey results were no doubt biased by the way the question was phrased. "Why is plastic surgery no longer taboo?"

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An Anti-Aging Diet

Submitted by Meg Wilson on January 12, 2009 - 15:32.

Dr. Heidi Regenass is a plastic surgeon in Glendale Arizona. She encourages people to eat well in order to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance. There are some specific superfoods which are very helpful in reducing the symptoms of premature aging.

She's written a cookbook for people interested in anti-aging foods; Anti-Aging Cookbook. We wrote to ask her about the five main superfoods she would recommend, to tell us a bit about her recipes and to let us know if the book is available at Amazon. Here's a reply from Dr. Heidi;

Thank you for your e-mail. Regarding the specific questions you posed, here are my responses:

The five key superfoods I recommend are (1) walnuts (2) pomegranate (3) wild salmon (4) tomatoes (5) leafy green vegetables. As an extra, not green tea, but rooibos tea, which is native only to a specific region in South Africa, and is higher in antioxidants than both green and white tea. And unlike green or white tea, rooibos (red bush tea) is naturally caffeine free, so one can drink it day and night. I love to embrace my southern African heritage and I grew up on the tea!

The recipes were created from standby meals I make regularly and were made to show just how easily and quickly one can incorporate super foods into each meal. It was important to me to have a full color photo of each recipe to inspire readers. I also recommend creativity and making substitutions to accommodate individual preferences. I hope the recipes will spark the imagination so each person can really make them their own. Another key feature is that each recipe is quick and very easy to make. Because who has endless time to spend in the kitchen?

The publisher is Australian and the book is doing well there and in New Zealand. He is working on getting the book on Amazon. We are hoping to have it available in the next few months. However, my book can currently be ordered from my office by calling (602) 843-0211 or by going to my website at and we will gladly ship it.

Of note, a portion of the proceeds of the book go towards nutrition programs in Zimbabwe. We have had the pleasure of sending many boxes of much needed basic food items, water purification tablets, and the like, to this country where the need is tremendous. For me, this has been a highlight of the whole process of doing the book.

So although I am a Plastic Surgeon by trade, I embrace the whole idea of eating well and following a healthy lifestyle so patients can avoid having to go under the knife or at least postpone surgery for many years. My approach is quite unique in this respect.

Meg, I hope this helps.
Best regards
Heidi Regenass, M.D.

Dr. Heidi, Thanks so much for this info. We look forward to reading this cookbook.

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Lower Prices for Plastic Surgery in 2009

Adriana Rae's picture
Submitted by Adriana Rae on December 26, 2008 - 08:55.

Jon Frandsen of is predicting lower prices for most optional medical procedures in 2009. He says LASIK eye surgeries are down 40% and many eye centers are advertising 25% off. And he says "plastic surgery procedures can be 10%-25% off -- not to mention specials, such as adding a free antiwrinkle shot or laser treatment to your planned surgery. If bargains aren't advertised by specific doctors, ask."

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Venezuela Beauty with Cosmetic Surgery

Submitted by Meg Wilson on December 8, 2008 - 08:51.

Venezuela has won more major international beauty competitions than any other country. They're known for not being shy about using cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty contestants. See an article about this here.

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Does this Woman Need a Nose Job?

Submitted by Meg Wilson on November 27, 2008 - 09:52.

Does this woman need a nose job? The majority of readers at the Nip/Tuck site say no, she's better off with her own nose.

The Nip/Tuck TV show about plastic surgery has started an interactive section on their website where anyone can submit their photos and ask the community if they think they should get a nose job, lip enhancement, face lift, brow lift or the whole works; a complete body makeover. Over 2,400 people have submitted their photos for voting so far.

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Wrinkle Filler Risks

Adriana Rae's picture
Submitted by Adriana Rae on November 17, 2008 - 09:07.

The FDA is meeting with a panel of outside experts tomorrow to see if additional warnings should be placed on dermal filler labels.

They've heard complaints from about 930 people who used some type of dermal filler in the past six years. Considering that last year alone about 1.4 million people received injections, this seems to be a relatively small number of negative health reports. But it's not clear what percentage of health complications end up reporting to the FDA.

"Among the reports, 19 were from people admitted to the emergency room for severe allergic reactions, 638 patients required treatment with medication, which included steroids, antihistamines and oral antibiotics. Also, 94 patients required surgical intervention (opening the abscesses, excision of nodules and biopsy of lesions), which included 44 that had also received drug therapy. The other reports did not include specific treatments for conditions."

Story via eFlux Media, see the full FDA report

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Plastic Surgery in the 1930's

Submitted by Meg Wilson on November 7, 2008 - 10:27.

Here's one of the first magazine articles to mention plastic surgery for Hollywood stars and near-stars. It was written in a Hollywood fan magazine back in 1930. The title is "Would you like a new nose? How Hollywood submits to the knife of the plastic surgeon in the name of Beauty."

They say the most popular operation was the nose correction. (No one called it a nose job back then.)

Below is an excerpt. See the full article here.

"Telling the actual names of all the stars who have been to the plastic surgeon is an impossible task. They won't admit it, except in a few isolated instances...It is only lately that a few of them are beginning, not only to to admit that they've had their faces bettered, but to even go so far as to publicly announce it."

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Upper Arm Lipo Gone Bad?

Submitted by Adriana Rae on October 31, 2008 - 04:23.

Check out this larger recent photo of Ivana Trump. Her upper arm looks like it may be scarred from liposuction or armlift surgery. Ivana Trump is 59 years old, her body is in great shape and her face is still very attractive but we think she is showing sad signs of excessive facial cosmetic surgery.

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Awful Plastic Surgery

Submitted by Meg Wilson on October 12, 2008 - 11:16.

Check out seven celebrity examples of plastic surgery disasters.
Plastic surgeon, Dr. Youn, provides detailed explanations of the various surgical procedures involved.

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Lisa Rinna's Lips

Submitted by Meg Wilson on September 22, 2008 - 07:24.

Here's Lisa Rinna, age 45, showing off her great figure and very puffy lips at the 2008 Emmy Fashions. Hear all the gossip about Emmy dresses on the video below.

Update: See her own story as to what she's done with her lips since age 22.

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A Smart Lipo Review

Submitted by Meg Wilson on August 13, 2008 - 10:02.

Dr. Oliver discusses Smart-Lipo on his Plastic Surgery 101 blog today. He's clearly not a fan of the procedure. He says;

The general "off the record" feelings of most experienced plastic surgeons experimenting with this is that these types of devices are safe but offer no clear advantage. Repeatedly it's described more as a successful marketing phenomena rather than a real improvement. It's still not established that delivering thermal energy below the skin affects "tightening" whatsoever, which is the whole gimmick of the laser. If it does, it doesn't appear to do it without still having to do most of the heavy lifting with traditional lipo.

See more of his review about SmartLipo here.

See some comments from people who have recently undergone SmartLipo here.

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Obsessed with Beauty

Submitted by Meg Wilson on July 29, 2008 - 08:28.

America the Beautiful is a documentary about the less pleasant aspects of the pursuit of beauty and cosmetic surgery.

The film opens in New York this Friday and in Los Angeles later in August.

Roger Ebert says, The film is pulsing with barely suppressed rage, and by the end, I shared it. It’s about a culture “saturated with the perfect,” in which women are taught to seek an impossible physical ideal, and men to worship it.

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Another Virtual Surgery Game

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 26, 2008 - 06:46.

Lift Magic is a website that lets you upload your own photo and then alter it based on your choice of plastic surgery procedures.

You can also upload any photo you find online - your favorite celebrity for example - and try out different surgery procedures on them including;

eyebrow lift
mid brow enhancement
inner cheek enhancement
outer cheek enhancement
cheek lift
nose reduction
lip augmentation
weight reduction

We haven't tried it yet but would be curious to hear from anyone that has.

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Brigitte Nielsen Gets Plastic Surgery (on TV)

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 5, 2008 - 08:43.

Brigitte Nielsen, age 44, is planning to get a facelift, eye lift, breast lift, fat injections, liposuction and dental work.

And she wants us all to watch this as it happens. Nielson was married to Sylvester Stallone for a couple of years in the mid 1980's.

She tells Der Spiegel:

"I know I am the first female celebrity in the world who has allowed herself to be filmed like that in an operating theater. I know I will be breaking a taboo. But I’m sure that it will provoke a new discussion. It’s time things change. I feel 30 and want to look that way again.”

Nielsen posed for Playboy magazine 20 years ago and plans to do so again later this year to show off her new body. See some good photos of what she looks like now (with a scary close-up of all the wrinkles on her face) and how she looked when younger.

Update July 25th: Nielsen is showing off her new post-surgery look. Check out before and after pics here.

The Going Rate for a Cosmetic Surgeon in the U.K.

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 2, 2008 - 08:59.

Transform is the largest comsmetic surgery business in the U.K. They employ 40 cosmetic surgeons. And if things go according to plan Transform will become the world's first publicly traded cosmetic surgery firm.

They say their average full-time cosmetic surgeon makes about 300,000 pounds per year. That would be equivalent to almost $600,000 dollars per year.

The Guardian interviewed one of their executives, who explained how different age groups tend to want different cosmetic procedures. Between the ages of 18 and 25, young women tend to have breast augmentation ($8,000) or lip enhancement, in their thirties they choose tummy tucks ($8,000) or liposuction (from $5,400) followed by face-lifts (from $9,500) in the mid-fifties. The oldest person operated on at Transform was a woman in her seventies who had the bags under her eyes reduced (from $5,500).
Men tend to go for nose jobs and eye bag removals.

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