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Christina Hendrick's Breast Implants

Submitted by Meg Wilson on February 9, 2011 - 13:34.

Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men) has denied having breast implant surgery but some cosmetic surgeons are not convinced. Last month Playboy magazine released a photo showing her at age 24 with small breasts. She says she has gained a lot of weight since then and has gone from size 4 to size 14. See the full story and detailed slideshow at In Your Face.

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Breast Checks with Boob Lube

Adriana Rae's picture
Submitted by Adriana Rae on October 9, 2010 - 10:53.

Here's a truly wacky ad for a soap product called 'Boob Lube' that claims to aid in regular breast check-ups. This is a real product and the makers pledge 25% of sales to fight breast cancer.

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The Boob Apron - Cami Secret

Submitted by Meg Wilson on August 31, 2010 - 15:36.

Here's a cheap cleavage concealing product being advertised now on TV that lets you wear those low cut tops you might normally not be comfortable in. It's the Cami Secret, otherwise known as 'the boob apron'.

And here is a parody, based on a lewd male perspective (with excessive swearing) of the same video.

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Best Plastic Surgeon Video

Submitted by Meg Wilson on December 4, 2009 - 10:10.

Well we've seen a lot of videos promoting individual plastic surgeons as well as plastic surgery clinics but this one should probably win the top prize.

It's a video about Dr. John Tebbetts and his plastic surgery clinic in Dallas Texas. Dr. Tebbets specializes in breast implants. The title of the YouTube video is Everything's Bigger in Texas - Belt Buckles to Breast Implants.

See another example of a great promotional video for a plastic surgery practice here: neck and chin makeovers.

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A Breast Reduction and Lift for Ulrika

Submitted by Meg Wilson on July 20, 2009 - 08:06.

Ulrika, a Swedish TV presenter, age 41, has recently spent $18,000 dollars for cosmetic surgery.

She's had four children, the youngest of which is one years old. She had a reduction mammoplasty and then a breast lift procedure called a mastoplexy. She is very happy with the results. "The first surprise was that my breasts stayed up. The old ones would have dropped somewhere around my waist."

She also had a new surgical technique to remove excess fat from under her arms called axilla-plasty.

See the full story in this week's Hello! Magazine.

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A More Natural Looking Fake Breast

Submitted by Meg Wilson on July 14, 2009 - 07:52.

Patients are being recruited to try out a new type of more natural looking saline breast implant. See more info at

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Victoria Beckham Opts for a Breast Implant Reduction

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 17, 2009 - 13:22.

The Sun is reporting that Victoria Beckham had an operation to reduce the size of her breast implants a couple of weeks ago. She apparently asked to have the DD's replaced with a 34B. The photos they show don't conclusively prove that this is a true story. If it is true, we think this will make her feel and look so much better. Her implants never did suit her petite frame.

The photo above was taken in 12/2007 by Tawny Rockerazzi.

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Denise Richards Admits to Multiple Breast Implants

Submitted by Meg Wilson on June 7, 2009 - 20:22.

Denise Richards, age 38, told radio host Howard Stern that she's had three boob jobs. She got the first set when she was new to Hollywood and only 19 years old. The second and third implants were done to correct for the first. She also told Stern "You know, it was a big mistake. Young girls, don't do it!"

The photo shown here was taken in 1999, when she was 28 years old. See the larger image here.

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Miss California's Breast Implants

Submitted by Meg Wilson on May 3, 2009 - 19:15.

Miss California apparently wished for breast implants and the California pageant decided to pay for her wish to come true a few weeks before the Miss USA pageant finals.

See more of this breaking news story at CBS News.

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly poplular in the beauty pageant world.

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The Average Implant Size

Submitted by Meg Wilson on April 30, 2009 - 07:04.

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal recently surveyed 1,746 cosmetic surgeons about breast implants. One of their questions was to ask what the average breast implant size is these days. Eighty one percent of the surgeons said it was between 300 to 400 cc. This is a small to full "C" cup bra.

The photo (of real breasts) above is via srbyug

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Esther Baxter's Breast Implant Debate

Submitted by Meg Wilson on March 4, 2009 - 05:27.

Esther Baxter is a 24 year old video star who is about to launch a Hollywood career. Her eyes are green and she is of African American, Indian, German, Cuban, Norwegian, Italian and Puerto Rican descent. She is the 11th of 16 children and already has a son of her own.

As with Pamela Anderson and countless other celebs, Baxter's bust is a key asset in her rise to fame to date. She advertises her bust measurements on her website as 34DDD. She apparently told a radio interviewer that her breasts are natural, that she hasn't had any plastic surgery. But we'd like to put the question out there for any cosmetic surgeons who'd care to comment.

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The Biggest Breast Implants Ever

Submitted by Meg Wilson on February 9, 2009 - 13:27.

Channel 4 interviews Krystal who shows us the world's biggest breast implants (as they look now after they've been removed). Her old implants were 4500 cc's, the world record.
Her current implants are about 1850 cc's. For some perspective a typical C cup would be about 300 or 350 cc's.

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How to Make Your Bust Look Bigger Naturally

Submitted by Meg Wilson on November 21, 2008 - 11:04.

Here's a video tutorial on how to pick a specialty bra if you want your bust to look bigger. A second option discussed is to buy silicon inserts which will add at least one cup size.

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Fake Breasts: What do Guys Really Think?

Submitted by Meg Wilson on November 20, 2008 - 13:31.

Here's a video by Skyy John about fake breasts. What do men really think of them? He interviews a few men and women on the streets of Los Angeles to get their opinions.

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Too Much Cleavage for Elizabeth Hurley

Submitted by Meg Wilson on October 17, 2008 - 15:03.

Elizabeth Hurley, age 43, usually comes across as very elegant and stylish. But this fit in this red dress seems over the top. Would you agree this is tacky cleavage extreme? In this photo she's at a gala at the Global Illumination Initiative at the London Tower. See the larger photos here.

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Plastic Surgeons Seek Real Pictures

Submitted by Meg Wilson on September 25, 2008 - 09:38.

Plastic surgeons - in the UK - are seeking a ban on altered photos in advertising. They want to stop the trend to digitally morped photos such as the one above. Such photos give women a very distorted view of the outcome they can expect from plastic surgery procedures.

According to The Independent;

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said digitally enhanced pictures of bikini-clad women in ecstatic poses should be banned in advertisements.

Promoting "lunch-time face-lifts," which could not be carried out in the time, and financial discounts ... to reward clients who signed up quickly should also be outlawed, the association said.

Via Plastic Surgery 101

Update November 1st: New rules came into effect in Australia yesterday. Now cosmetic surgeons risk fines or professional review if they use fake "before and after" photographs in their advertising. (Source: The Age)

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Angelina Jolie and Breast Augmentation

Submitted by Meg Wilson on September 24, 2008 - 12:03.

Many women who come into Dr. Bienstock's office ask for breast implants 'like Angelina Jolie's'. But in this case he has to tell them that her breasts are natural and have not been augmented via any kind of plastic surgery.

Dr. Alan Bienstock is a board certified plastic surgeon with offices in Manhattan, NY and Lawrenceville, NJ. Here he answers three common questions about breast implants.

When venturing into the world of breast enhancement, how big is too big?

Breast enhancement can look very artificial when the implants chosen are too large. The surgeon and the patient must decide together what the best size implant is for the patient that is proportionate with her body. The breast width and dimensions in conjunction with the overlying skin envelope help determine a range of suitable implants. When the implants are too large, the breast can look very unnatural with thinned out and attenuated skin, leading to stretch marks.

What type of breast augmentation procedure results in the least scarring?

All breast augmentation techniques leave scars depending on where the incision is placed. The smallest is scar is via the TUBA approach (Transumbilical Breast Augmentation) where the implant is placed through an incision in the belly button. This has limitations in terms of breast augmentation when there is significant asymmetry and deformities and cannot be performed if silicone implants are used. The more common approaches are through an inframammary incision (or incision at the bottom of the breast just above the fold) or through a periareolar approach (around the nipple).

I'm sure you hear the expression... “I want my breasts to look like...” In your experience, which Hollywood star's name has been mentioned the most?

Patients will often come to the office asking for breasts that look like specific celebrities. The younger women want to have breasts the resemble Heidi’s from “The Hills.” The more mature generation yearns for the torso of Demi Moore. However, most women of all ages want to have the natural body of Angelina Jolie even though she has not had breast augmentation.

Thanks much to Dr. Bienstock for discussing this with us. Check out some interesting before and after plastic surgery photos on his website.

The photo of the wax figures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt above is via DanieVDM.

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Kerry Katona Gets Plastic Surgery on TV

Submitted by Meg Wilson on August 27, 2008 - 09:29.

Kerry Katona, age 27, is in the process of getting a breast reduction and liposuction. And there is a MTV crew filming her plastic surgery. Her body makeover will cost over $30,000. She is having her 34GG breast implants reduced to a DD cup. We'll soon be seeing all the details on YouTube.

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Wonderbra Boobs Break Out

Submitted by Meg Wilson on August 12, 2008 - 10:39.

Here's an outdoor ad for Wonderbra with special effects that look like these breasts were strong enough to break through the glass. The ad can be seen on outdoor boards in Germany. It seems a little much for kids to be exposed to this kind of wonderwoman message, especially given these are likely fake breast implants.

See more about this Wonderbra ad here.

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How to Dress If You Have Big Breasts

Submitted by Meg Wilson on July 9, 2008 - 07:14.

Here's some great tips from Katie Stiles on how to dress if you have big breasts.

Whether it is business, evening or casual wear, it's important that your clothes fit properly. Katie and the incredibly more beautiful than a Jessica Simpson look-alike model show us some tops and outfits that don't work too great and other outfits that look stylish and stunning.

Katie has chosen conservatively with the idea being to minimize the bust and to look classier and more professional. The transformations really brought this out superbly, though I thought the last 'before' (green blouse with big patterns) may be even more beautiful than the 'after' look?

See the 'before and after looks' in the video below;

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Bigger Breasts in Miami

Submitted by Meg Wilson on July 8, 2008 - 09:16.

While visiting Miami, Steve did an unscientific survey and found that the average mannequin had much larger breasts than we would see in most other cities. He says "mannequins reflect a regionally-specific body image norm".

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Breast Implants Gone Wrong

Submitted by Adriana Rae on June 24, 2008 - 12:24.

Last week The New York Times asked people to send in their questions to a plastic surgeon and the result is an interesting article of questions and answers about plastic surgery.

What's most interesting however, are all the comments following the article. Here we read stories from many women who have suffered serious health deterioration since getting breast implants.

If you are wondering how safe breast implants really are, it is worthwhile checking out some of these comments as well as the following sites to get a complete perspective about what the potential risks could be;

Beauty and the Breast
Breast Implant Support
Breast Implant Info
The Truth about Breast Implants

The pic above is a poster for the movie Breast Men

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Selita Ebanks' Breast Implants

Submitted by Meg Wilson on May 2, 2008 - 07:29.

Selita Ebanks, age 25, is a top Victoria Secret model - one of the 'Victoria Secret Angels'. Last year she decided to get breast implants and went from an A-cup to a size 33C. She is the only Victoria Secret model that's been known to get breast implants.

Coincidentally, after the surgery she was chosen to model the "Very Sexy" Holiday Fantasy Bra Set, which is covered with diamonds and rubies (you can buy one for about $4.5 million).

Ebanks was engaged to rapper Nick Cannon but they split up in October. Cannon rebounded remarkably quickly and married (the much older, much richer, big-breasted and newly fit) Mariah Carey just a few days ago.

Victoria's Secret Super Bowl VIP Salon - Day 3
Image details: Victoria's Secret Super Bowl VIP Salon - Day 3 served by

Tamra Gets a Breast Implant Reduction

Submitted by Meg Wilson on April 3, 2008 - 11:48.

Tamra Barney is the beautiful new housewife on the popular show The Real Housewives of Orange County. She calls herself "the hottest housewife in Orange County" and she recently became a real estate agent in real life and says that a good looking female realtor will always make money in Orange County regardless of the economic climate.

Tamra recently celebrated her 40th birthday and she works hard to keep looking hot. Last year she decided to have her breast implants reduced in size. She says her original huge implants were put in in her early 20's. They were so big that they were wider than her rib cage.

But "after three pregnancies, nursing, and the weight of the implant, the internal pocket was too stretched out to support the implants. Imagine wearing a heavy backpack all day long that was too loose. I constantly used my shoulders and back to compensate, which lead to neck and back pain."

So she decided to go ahead with the breast implant reduction surgery. She's very happy with the results and she tells us all the details on her blog. This is a very interesting read for anyone contemplating either breast implants or breast implant removal.

Over 50 people have left some entertaining comments on her post about this. Here's one example,

First, is this a blog or an advertisement for Dr. Ambe? I can only assume your surgery was free in exchange for your glowing recommendation and rundown of his entire medical background.

Second, I would like to commend you on having the good judgment to decide that your implants were too large for your frame and do something about it. You have a lovely face but even I (a heterosexual mom of two) found it difficult to look at anything but your boobs when you were on camera. They were just too big! Glad your pain is gone and the operation was successful. I look forward to seeing the new implants in a future episode.

See Tamra's Breast Implant Reduction story on her blog.

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Breast Implants are Not 'Easy'

Submitted by Adriana Rae on December 5, 2007 - 10:22.

An ad being displayed around the U.K. subway system has been banned. The ad showed a woman in a bikini. She was grinning in the 'after breast enlargement' photo.

The ad said "Gorgeous breasts just got easy with cosmetic surgery...".

A number of the complaints, including one from a doctor, said that it was misleading and irresponsible to promote a surgical operation to young women as "easy" without warning of the risks.

See the story here.

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