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Christina Hendrick's Breast Implants

Submitted by Meg Wilson on February 9, 2011 - 13:34.

Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men) has denied having breast implant surgery but some cosmetic surgeons are not convinced. Last month Playboy magazine released a photo showing her at age 24 with small breasts. She says she has gained a lot of weight since then and has gone from size 4 to size 14. See the full story and detailed slideshow at In Your Face.

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Breast Checks with Boob Lube

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Submitted by Adriana Rae on October 9, 2010 - 10:53.

Here's a truly wacky ad for a soap product called 'Boob Lube' that claims to aid in regular breast check-ups. This is a real product and the makers pledge 25% of sales to fight breast cancer.

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The Boob Apron - Cami Secret

Submitted by Meg Wilson on August 31, 2010 - 15:36.

Here's a cheap cleavage concealing product being advertised now on TV that lets you wear those low cut tops you might normally not be comfortable in. It's the Cami Secret, otherwise known as 'the boob apron'.

And here is a parody, based on a lewd male perspective (with excessive swearing) of the same video.

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Best Plastic Surgeon Video

Submitted by Meg Wilson on December 4, 2009 - 10:10.

Well we've seen a lot of videos promoting individual plastic surgeons as well as plastic surgery clinics but this one should probably win the top prize.

It's a video about Dr. John Tebbetts and his plastic surgery clinic in Dallas Texas. Dr. Tebbets specializes in breast implants. The title of the YouTube video is Everything's Bigger in Texas - Belt Buckles to Breast Implants.

See another example of a great promotional video for a plastic surgery practice here: neck and chin makeovers.

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A Breast Reduction and Lift for Ulrika

Submitted by Meg Wilson on July 20, 2009 - 08:06.

Ulrika, a Swedish TV presenter, age 41, has recently spent $18,000 dollars for cosmetic surgery.

She's had four children, the youngest of which is one years old. She had a reduction mammoplasty and then a breast lift procedure called a mastoplexy. She is very happy with the results. "The first surprise was that my breasts stayed up. The old ones would have dropped somewhere around my waist."

She also had a new surgical technique to remove excess fat from under her arms called axilla-plasty.

See the full story in this week's Hello! Magazine.

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