Funky Underwear Takes Off

Submitted by Meg Wilson on May 15, 2008 - 11:11.

April Spring is the designer of a new breed of women's underwear called FOXERS.

We wanted to interview her and ask about FOXERS.

CM: How did you ever come up with this idea and where were you in your life when you decided to stop whatever else you were doing and focus on selling comfortable and sexy underwear?

April: Hello Meg, Thank you for your interest in FOXERS. I came up with the idea to put the men's cotton boxer top, which has a history of peering above the men's jeans, while sitting at an outdoor cafe in Penang, Malaysia with my husband. I was noticing another thong showing on what could have been a cute outfit, when I said to my husband, we need to make a panty that is o.k. to stick out. Later I purchased a pair of boxers and a pair of women's boyshorts and had them sewn together to create what we now call Foxers boxers, which are patent pending.
I started this career in 2004 when my husband's career took him to Malaysia for over two years and I decided it was the perfect time to make the transition from Investor Relations and Boutique owner representing Florida Designers to Fashion Designer; a dream since before I was 10 years old. While in Malaysia I studied fashion illustration, piano, Mandarin, Malay, and researched apparel manufacturers. During fashion school I was invited to represent the U.S. at the second annual Silk Week in China as the American Designer. This is when I decided that Fashion Design was my new career which followed my passion.

CM: When did you make your first sale? What stores can people find FOXERS in now? We've noticed you have a very attractive and innovative website. How long have you been selling product from your site? Are your online sales a high percentage of your total revenues?

April: We made our first sale to my sister April 18 2007 and she is so proud of this; and our first wholesale representative based in the Chicago apparel mart launched six stores in the mid-west for us June 3, 2007 and we grew to almost 60 stores in approximately 90 days. We have stores all around the world and approximately 100 plus in the U.S. We have new distributors opening in Canada and Australia, and we have a store in Dubai.

Thank you for the nice comments on our website. We receive so many great emails about how easy to navigate and shop our site is as well as the clean design. We opened the site April 26, 2007 and we have done almost no advertising for the site but it is growing rapidly since we have celebrity associations and I was a guest on The Big Idea. The online sales represent approximately 10 to 20% of our sales since 2008 depending on the activity in publicity.

CM:That's a very rapidly growing lingerie business! What do you see ahead for FOXERS over the next three years?

April:Yes, we are growing rapidly but cautiously. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and run with too many ideas. However, we have been blessed to have so much success with our launch, but this doesn't come without many hours of dedication, a keen judgment of who to trust as business partners and where to go next. We have a long term plan to have FOXERS as a full clothing line for all sizes and both men and women as well as pets too. We just had our first men's FOXERS photo shoot last week and pre-launch fashion shows are going on every week since May 9 in Hampton Roads, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. We hope that we can maintain the excitement, grow steady to cover the globe with the garments we have and build a solid foundation for a long term reliable and fresh clothing brand, FOXERS.

CM:Thanks much for the interview. If you ever get that funky underwear fashion show on your website transferred over to a YouTube video, let us know, we would love to show if off here.

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