Latin Tattoos: What does 'tutela valui' mean?

Submitted by Meg Wilson on March 14, 2008 - 13:26.

The NY Post is reporting that Ashley Dupre has a tattoo on her belly that says "tutela valui". This is Latin and there's some debate about what it means. NY Post has translated it as 'fair value' but other people are saying this is not an accurate translation. Here's a few comments from the Law Blog at;

Don’t believe anything you read in the Post (nor anything on the WSJ editorial page). My Latin stinks, but even I know that there’s no way that “tutela valui” can mean ”fair value” in Latin. It’s something closer to “I was strong because looked after.” Valui is a past tense of “valeo” “I am strong”; “tutela” is “being protected” and a Roman & Civil Law state of guardianship over young people (ablative absolute, anybody?). Cancel your subscription to the Post. Buy a dictionary.

I’m pretty sure that the translation of “tutela valui” is something more like “teaching makes me strong”, not “fair value”. But I will defer to someone who’s studied Latin more recently than I have.

I’m speculating, but “tutela” means protection, and “valui” refers to being healthy. So it might be a safe-sex thing.

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