Glass Baby Bottles Are Better than Plastic

Submitted by Adriana Rae on February 8, 2008 - 09:05.

There's a health scare out there today about plastic baby bottles. A major new study (and not the first one) has found that about 95% of the plastic baby bottles available in stores contain a dangerous chemical called bisphenol A. This BPA can cause infertility, cancer and hormonal imbalances in children. Read more about BPA and the study here.

It's amazing how these products can be out on the market for forty or fifty years before anyone finds they may be toxic for us to use. My husband was much more on top of this than me when we had our baby. He asked his sister in Germany to mail us some good-quality glass baby bottles.

Glass baby bottles have been really hard to find in the recent past. Almost 100% of parents use plastic. The biggest worry with glass for parents is they think it will break if dropped or thrown. This is actually much less likely to happen than it seems. The other problem is not being able to find any at your local store. This will probably change soon. For now there are many glass baby bottle brands available on Amazon.

This study only looked at plastic baby bottles, but it seems likely that any plastic containers could also contain BPA. The potential hazard is especially real when hot fluids or foods are stored in the containers as this is when the BPA leaches out. I'm going to try to use less plastic in general and for storing leftovers in particular. A glass bowl with a plate serving as a lid does just as nicely.

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