The 'Taut' Belly Wrap

Submitted by Meg Wilson on December 20, 2007 - 16:46.

Brooke Burke is saying the secret to her flat tummy is a belly wrap product she's selling called Taut. She has had three children and a fourth one is on the way. She recently opened an online store Baboosh Baby to sell Tauts and other products. She told People Magazine, "You pull it super tight and Velcro it. It feels good for all of that baby skin. I swear by it."

The Tauts sell for $56 and $65. There is a warning on the website that these should never be worn during pregnancy, nor should they be worn after cesarean delivery. They recommend wearing them for 40 days after a normal childbirth.

Now is that really the secret to her slim waist after three babies? There's no proof that we know of that a girdle-like product can slim the waistline except of course when you are wearing it. But similar products to Tauts have been selling on Amazon for years. Above is the Squeem Waist Cincher which looks a lot like the Taut, though not so frilly, and costs $28.95. See more about the extreme Brazilian Waist Cinchers as well as the Lipo in a Box belly wraps here.

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