A New Nose: Jocelyn's Personal Story

Submitted by Meg Wilson on April 12, 2007 - 23:35.

Jocelyn had nose surgery three months ago. Here is a photo of how her nose looked before the rhinoplasty. And below is a photo of one month later where her nose is still a bit swollen but almost healed.

For anyone else considering this procedure, Jocelyn answered some questions for us this week.

Why did you decide to go ahead with a rhinoplasty? How long had you considered it? What was the event or timing that persuaded you to go ahead?

As I got older the tip of my nose was getting bulbous and it was really bothering me. Every year it just seemed to get worse, I was afraid I was getting an "old man nose". I had been considering a nose job seriously for about 2 years, just to correct the tip. On a trip to LA last November I was able to get a consultation appointment with Dr. Jason Diamond to discuss it. After meeting with him I was really confident I was going to go ahead with the surgery. He explained how he could fix the tip of my nose and he also told me he could thin out my nose and correct a small bump in the bridge, that hadn't ever bothered me but what the hell it all cost the same. He also showed me before and after pics on the computer and I was happy to be getting a nose job that wouldn't leave me looking like I had a "nosejobby" nose.

How did you go about researching it and selecting your surgeon?

I was familiar with Dr. Diamond from TV and from word of mouth in LA. Everyone raves about him, so I watched Dr. 90210 and felt he was the best and if I was going to mess with my face it had to be with the best surgeon. It cost more than double the average, but we are talking about my Face!

Can you tell us all about your healing process and anything that has come up that was unexpected?

The healing has taken a lot longer than I thought. yes everyone told me it would take a year, but still you expect it to be faster. The hardest part was the first month after the surgery, the inside of my nose was a disaster of cuts and "bloody snot clots" as I called them. Seriously it was disgusting. And of course you cannot blow your nose because it is Broken! It would hurt to much. So I had to pull it all out with tweezers, I know, GROSS. I also used Ocean Spray, it really helped but I was spraying that stuff up my nose 15 times a day to keep everything from drying out, cracking and bleeding. I also lived in mortal fear of sneezing, I don't know how I managed it, but I did not sneeze for over 6 weeks.

It is now just about 3 months since surgery and it looks pretty good, but I cannot wear sunglasses without my nose throbbing after 15 minutes, because my nose is still broken.

Can you discuss what life is like with the new nose. Do you think people see you differently? Do you feel more attractive? How has life changed for you?

Overall my face is just more aesthetically pleasing. And it is not something you can put your finger on, just a softer look. Only a few friends know the truth and they can see a difference because they knew before I went in, but they all say it is subtle. Life hasn't changed, well except for my sunglasses...

You look fabulous. Thanks much for the interview.

Check out more photos of Jocelyn and her incredible social life in the big city at the Rock Star Diary.

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