Delta Burke Cuts Back on the Botox

Submitted by Meg Wilson on April 10, 2007 - 10:47.

Does Delta Burke look younger today than she did twenty years ago? The photo here by Alan Light of Burke and Candice Bergen was taken 17 years ago in 1990. Now have a look at the after photo, in 2007 here. Which one looks younger?

Delta Burke will be 51 years old in July. She is one of the majority of TV actresses in Hollywood today who have been using Botox regularly for many years. There is an interesting article in the Daily Herald about how the casting directors in Hollywood are going outside of Hollywood, to Britain and Canada to find women who look their age and could pass for being real mothers and other believable characters. The problem of too much Botox or other cosmetic surgery is that it becomes much more noticeable now that many more people are watching with high definition TV and giant flat-screen TV's. High-definition shows the facelift scars, the overly peeled and pulled skin and the extra-firm foreheads.

"The Botox used to be less noticeable but high def has changed that," says one network president. "Now half the time the injectibles are so distracting we don't even notice the acting."

Delta Burke is one actress who has decided to cut back on the Botox.

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