The Youngest Looking 66 Year Old

Submitted by Meg Wilson on March 18, 2007 - 17:53.

Barbara Amiel Black, 66, is the woman you see on the far left in this photo from the National Post. She could win the contest for the youngest looking 66 year old face and body. Her husband, Conrad Black is on the far right and his daughter from a previous marriage is beside Barbara Amiel. They are seen here leaving the federal courthouse in Chicago after the first day of jury selection. The National Post has a fun article about their legal case called "If They Could Win on Looks Alone". They analyze everyone's style. They say that Barbara Amiel is probably looking for the understated look here so as not to increase jealousy amidst the jury. She usually wears much flashier clothes and jewelry. NP says she "could pass for the assistant district attorney. Shunning a dress for pants to cover up her gorgeous gams, she looks serious and beautiful. But will jurors notice her pricey handbag? Likely it's Hermes. Her jewellery is limited to a long necklace. She's definitely going for a classic, cool look without any obvious indulgences. Unfortunately, if the jurors discover she's 66 years old, they'll begin to think the $80 million Conrad is accused of pilfering from Hollinger International has gone toward preserving this timeless creature. "

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