Nose Shapes and Character

Submitted by Adriana Rae on August 1, 2006 - 07:27.

What does the shape of a woman's nose say about her character? A long, long time ago, people started making associations between the shape of the nose and the resulting personality. Here's some very crude physiognomy; an example of what you might read if you were curious about female nose shapes way, way back:

"If the nose of a woman is hooked like a parrot, she is good natured, enjoys fame, is clever and a well wisher of her family. A straight nose and of normal length makes a woman beautiful, wise, witty and diligent. A woman with a small nose is cunning, shrewd, mischievous and lustful. If the nose is depressed in the middle, the front part very high, crooked or very fat, then such a woman will be devoid of love and sympathy. she will be wicked, cruel, loose in character and hasty in decision. If the nostrils are fat and wide, the woman will be lazy, strong headed, proud and fond of a pleasurable life. If the tip of the nose is small, the woman will pass her life as a slave. If the tip of the nose is long, she will be of harsh temperament. If the tip is depressed, it is an omen for longevity of her husband. If there is hair on her nose, she is shrewd and unlucky."

The above photo is by ssh via Flickr.

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